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September 2018 Archives

What conditions suggest the need for local counsel?

Just because your business is in one location does not mean that all legal disputes you confront will take place in that jurisdiction. We live in a global economy and the potential of legal action can come from anywhere in the world. If a dispute reaches the stage of a suit, the venue might not be your backyard, putting you at a disadvantage. When that happens, it's important to consider hiring local counsel.

Generic drug companies are embracing inter partes review

Branded drug companies release new drugs protected by composition of matter patents for the active ingredients in their products. Some of these patents are based on unique findings and can hold up for two decades. Down the road, companies may choose to file for supplementary patents to protect newly found formulas or methods of manufacturing.

What will it take to reach California's 'carbon-free' goal?

The world is now abuzz in the wake of Gov. Jerry Brown's signing of a law that sets California on a track to achieve the goal of being a fossil fuel-free state by 2045. Since taking that action, there have been calls from some quarters that China now needs to step up its game in this area. What reaction that will receive is impossible to gauge, especially in the current political and economic environment.

Why an IP strategy can be invaluable to your business

When you start a business, you have myriad responsibilities to manage. You need to take charge of all the basics to get your company up and running: developing a business plan, registering your company, purchasing property, hiring staff and marketing your services.

How tech companies can fight back against “patent trolls”

Innovation is the heart of the technology industry in California. Tech companies compete to create new and better ways of doing things. By filing patents for new ideas, tech companies secure their innovations’ place in the system. So-called “patent trolls” found a way leverage this system to gain profit.

Making the most of a patent portfolio

A patent is a grant by the government giving the holder the exclusive right to monetize an invention. Patents are individual grants, but many companies have whole portfolios of patents as well as other intellectual property elements such as trademarks and copyrights. They might result from direct creativity or by the acquisition of others' work.

The state of inter partes review

Law is always subject to change. That's something that experienced attorneys in any practice area know and appreciate, and the truth of the statement is certainly clear in the context of intellectual property law. In just the past few months, several intellectual property cases have made headlines, and that is what we focus on in our inaugural post for this blog.

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